boltz-client allows you to manage Bitcoin and Liquid wallets using GDK.

You can create new wallets, which will generate a new mnemonic and prompt you to back it up. We strongly recommend importing the displayed mnemonic into a wallet like Green on a second device. This serves as backup and UI to be able to monitior and control funds. Optionally, wallets can be encrypted with a passphrase that will be required on startup.

To create a new Liquid called "MyLiquidWallet" run:

boltzcli wallet create MyLiquidWallet LBTC

Existing wallets can be imported. This can be done as hot wallet via mnemonic or cold read-only wallet via xpub or core descriptor. Read-only wallets can serve as a swap target for reverse swaps.

To import a Bitcoin wallet called "cold" run:

boltzcli wallet import cold BTC

A list of available wallets can be generated using boltzcli wallet list. The connected lightning node's internal wallet is available by default. All listed wallets can be used for manual swaps (e.g. createreverseswap) or autoswap.

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