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🏠Welcome to the Home of Boltz Docs

This documentation is written for anyone looking to learn about Boltz, how to integrate Boltz Swaps via the public API or use Boltz with one of the clients

What is Boltz?

Boltz is a privacy first, non-custodial bitcoin exchange built to bridge different layers of Bitcoin like the Liquid and Lightning Network. With Boltz users can seamlessly swap their bitcoin between layers, to e.g. use advanced financial products or manage liquidity of their lightning channels. Boltz Swaps are non-custodial, which means users can always rest assured to be in full control of their bitcoin throughout the entire flow of a swap.

Boltz API

If you are looking to integrate Boltz Swaps into your application, check out our Boltz API Docs:

Boltz Client

If you are looking to use Boltz to conveniently manage liquidity of your CLN or LND nodes, check out our Boltz Client Docs:

Boltz Web App

If you are a self-sovereign individual looking to run Boltz Web App yourself from source instead of using, check out our Boltz Web App Docs:


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