The autoswap feature of boltz-client allows for automated channel rebalancing.


The boltzcli autoswap setup command will guide you through the initial configuration of autoswap.

Advanced Configuration

Advanced configuration that is not covered in the setup process can be managed using boltzcli autoswap config. For instance, run boltzcli autoswap config acceptZeroConf true to enable 0-conf swaps. Optionally, you can instead edit the autoswap-specific autoswap.toml file inside your data directory. To apply changes while the daemon is running, reload the config file via boltzcli autoswap config --reload.

While autoswap won't create any swaps if enabled is set to false, you can still view swap recommendations, swaps which were to be executed with the current configuration, using boltzcli autoswap recommendations.

Autoswap can either rebalance individual channels or only look at the total balance of your node. This behavior can be controlled with the perChannel parameter.


Autoswap will create normal swaps when the local balance goes below the minimum balance and reverse swaps when it exceeds the max balance. These thresholds can be set as absolute amounts of sats (maxBalance and minBalance) or as percentage of total channel capacity (maxBalancePercent and minBalancePercent).

The balance target will always be the average of the two thresholds.

Example: Total channel balance: 100000sat Local balance: 80000sat Min/Max thresholds: 25%/75% In this situation, a reverse swap for 30000sats will be created since the target balance is 50000sat (50% of 100000sat).


Autoswap needs access to a wallet (specified by name) which normal swaps use to send funds from and reverse swaps to send funds to. You can see a list of available wallets using boltzcli wallet list. Note that the wallet currency has to match the autoswap currency.

Swap Types

You can choose to only create one type of swap. If set to reverse, only the max threshold has to be configured while the min will be set to 0. If set to normal, only the min threshold needs to be configured and the max will be set to the channel capacity. If left empty, both reverse and normal swaps will be created and both thresholds will be considered.


Autoswap has a fixed budget (in sats) it is allowed to spend on fees in a specified budgetInterval (in seconds).

Full Example

acceptZeroConf = false
budget = "100000"
budgetInterval = "604800"
channelPollInterval = "30"
currency = "LBTC"
enabled = true
failureBackoff = "86400"
maxBalance = "0"
maxBalancePercent = 75.0
maxFeePercent = 1.0
maxSwapAmount = "0"
minBalance = "0"
minBalancePercent = 25.0
perChannel = false
staticAddress = ""
swapType = "reverse"
wallet = "autoswap"

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