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API: Boltz Backend


Boltz exposes a RESTful HTTP API that can be used to query information like supported pairs as well as to create and monitor swaps.


We offer Boltz on testnet for development & testing purposes and our production service on mainnet.
The corresponding REST APIs can be accessed at:
  • Testnet:
  • Mainnet:
  • Mainnet via Tor: http://boltzzzbnus4m7mta3cxmflnps4fp7dueu2tgurstbvrbt6xswzcocyd.onion/api/
We operate several lightning nodes on testnet and mainnet, for reliable swapping on testnet it's advisable to open a direct channel with us:
In the following sections we'll describe the REST API, walk through swap types & states, how to craft transactions, handle refunds and more.
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